1. Who is RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAM Credit Info)?
    RAM Credit Info is a trusted and professionally run credit reference agency which provides business and credit information on companies, businesses and individuals.

  2. How established is RAM Credit Info as an information specialist?
    RAM Credit Info has strong domain knowledge in managing large information database. Its database has been continuously assembled over the past 20 years. RAM Credit Info also has a good understanding of the information needs of businesses and individuals. Coupling with the high level of database management skills, RAM Credit Info assures customers of the reliability, quality, efficiency and the speed of delivery of information.

  3. What type of information does a credit information report provide?
    A credit information report is a factual record on companies, businesses and individuals in terms of their credit profile and past history such as any litigation cases, bankruptcy cases, winding-up petitions, negative payment records.

  4. Where does RAM Credit Info obtain the credit and business information?
    RAM Credit Info obtains all the relevant information from the Statutory Bodies, Subscribers and supplements it from other sources such as newspapers, courts, government gazettes and etc. It will create a truly comprehensive snapshot of a subject's present and past track record. RAM Credit Info places high values and emphasis on data integrity therefore all information is gathered only through authorized sources from both public and private domains.

  5. Who are the customers of RAM Credit Info?
    RAM Credit Info customers include financial institutions and business corporations from all trade industries who have a need to extend credit to their clients, understand the creditability of their business partners / suppliers or doing pre-employment screening on their potential employees.

  6. Can RAM Credit Info provide companies/business information for countries outside of Malaysia?
    Through its shareholder DP Information Network, Singapore information is easily available online through RAM Credit Info’s information system. In addition, RAM Credit Info also provides information coverage in over 200 countries. Please contact RAM Credit Info’s customer service at 603-2615 1111 for further details.

  7. Are the activities of Credit Reporting Agencies regulated?
    Yes. All Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) have to be registered and regulated under the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010

  8. Can I stop or disallow Credit Reporting Agencies from keeping information about me?
    No. Credit Reporting Agencies are legally empowered by the CRA Act 2010 to collect and keep information about you.

Business Corporations

  1. What are the benefits of using credit information?
    The benefits are:
    1. to help credit grantors to minimize business risk,
    2. to avoid delinquent paymaster,
    3. to weed out wound-up companies and adjudged bankrupts, and
    4. to support business expansion by identifying credit worthy prospect customers.

  2. When is a credit facility classified as default?
    RAM Credit Info does not classify any account or individual as defaulter. In general, a credit facility is classified as default when the debtor fails to make its payment when it is due. However it is the jurisdiction of the creditors to define when the credit facility is classified as default. Each creditor has its own set of definition.

  3. What is the difference between the reports from RAM Credit Info and the statutory reports from Companies Commission of Malaysia?
    In additional to the statutory information, RAM Credit Info provides additional information such as number of enquiries by subscribers for the past 3 years, interest in other companies or businesses and credit history on any litigation cases, winding up petitions and trade reference.. In a nutshell, RAM Credit Info provides a more complete picture of the companies or businesses so that our customers make better decisions.

  4. What other services does RAM Credit Info provide?
    Apart from the online credit search service, RAM Credit Info also provides monitoring services on credit standing and business changes to help our customers to manage their customers’ credit risks. RAM Credit Info also has an independent platform namely Trade Bureau to allow customers to share their customers’ payment information as a trade reference, with the aim of weeding out fraudsters or delinquent paymasters. Trade Bureau promotes healthy payment behaviour amongst companies/individuals and proven to be an effective debt recovery tool.


  1. What type of information is in an Individual credit report?
    The credit report will provide the following details:
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Identity Number
    3. Last Known Addresses
    4. Statutory records on bankruptcy, litigation cases and defaulter records
    5. Number of enquiries made by different Subscribers
    6. Shareholding/directorship interest in companies or businesses

  2. What type of information is not included in an Individual credit report?
    RAM Credit Info report does not contain the following:
    1. Personal income details
    2. Amount deposited with the Bank
    3. Details of assets and liabilities

  3. Can I obtain my own credit information from RAM Credit Info?
    With www.mycreditInfo.com.my, individuals and companies can check their personal / own credit status and ensure that the credit information is accurate and updated. Required form can be downloaded from RAM Credit Info website. You can come to RAM Credit Info office, filling up the Self Check form and present with your Identity Card. A credit report will be printed for your verification. For online access, please login to our website at www.mycreditinfo.com.my.

  4. If I have detected inaccurate information reported on me, how do I correct the information?
    You are required to contact RAM Credit Info immediately and submit the necessary documentary proof. We will be responsible to verify and update the information accordingly.